Sterling Rope - Ion2

Sterling Rope, 8 kb The Ion has been made better... Now known as the Ion2, it still has a unique construction, different than any rope on the market...

Thin, But not scary thin, the Ion2 9.4 is a high performance, lightweight rope. The new and improved construction includes a thicker sheath, lighter weight, and lower impact force. This rope is great for cragging, working projects, and is light enough to send hard redpoints.

Sterling Rope Ion2 Flame Red, 110 kb
Sterling Rope Ion2 Flame Red
This new design gives the rope a UIAA fall rating of 5 and its impact force goes from 8.6kN to 8.1kN.

  • Flame Green or Flame Red
  • Diameter - 9.4mm
  • Weight - 57 g/M
  • 60m £170
  • 70m £195
  • 80m £220


"This rope is fantastic, the best rope ever. Bottom line; a great rope, congratulations to the team.”

Philippe Gatta

“We have been a great feeling climbing with this rope, super strong, and great durability. But the best is, this rope keep his shape along the way, with no fluff even with this sandy condition at RRG. Almost perfect? conclusion: it's now, my favorite rope.”

Steph et Paola

“The ION2... Is great!!! It could be the best rope Sterling has made so far. I have been climbing non-stop with it since you gave me and I let everyone use and it is still in great shape. It might be slightly less dynamic than the Nano, but it works great... Cheers.”

Nicolas Favresse

For more information visit Beta Climbing Designs
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