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For new climbers and the experienced alike, ropes are often one of the most confusing pieces of gear. Whilst safety critical there are certain aspects of rope selection, maintenance and usage that remain poorly understood. This can have a negative impact both on the performance of your rope and its ability to adequately protect you in the event of a fall.

A selection of EDELRID ropes

With that in mind German climbing brand EDELRID have produced a comprehensive online ‘Rope Book’ that’s designed to act as the definitive reference guide to everything ropes. As well as explaining how a rope is produced, certified, tested and labelled it also covers all of the practical elements of rope ownership including how to select the right rope for your climbing style, how to take care of your rope with guidance on everything from uncoiling it for the first time through to keeping it clean. Pro tips for climbing using ultra thin ropes, top-roping and choosing the appropriate length are also included alongside advice on when to retire your rope, and what to do with it once it has reached the end of it’s life.

As well as the online version a physical ‘Rope Book’ can also be found attached to every EDELRID rope sold, meaning that anyone who buys a new rope is armed with the knowledge to use it, store it and look after it properly
– ensuring each rope enjoys a long and safe working lifespan.



For more information visit EDELRID Rope Book
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