Discover the Unique Feel of an Altissimo Hold

The texture of our holds is bumps not holes: this type of grain ensures both maximum adherence and minimal wear at the same time. Our holds have no holes that can get blocked. Result: hands adhere even on flat surfaces and the grips are like new after every wash! You only have to touch our holds to understand what 'dry-touch' means: wet hands feel much dryer!

XLarge-Plat-4 Series Holds, 129 kb
XLarge-Plat-4 Series Holds
© Altissimo
Special Offer : XL Menu , 215 kb
Special Offer : XL Menu
© Altissimo

XLP4 Series:

  • 3 large holds with unusual shapes forcing open hand, crimp and pinch positions. Their specific design will force you to optimise your finger position.
  • Average diameter: 200mm
  • Pitch: -10° to 45°
  • The corresponding screws are offered with every order of climbing holds! +info

Buy now: The XLP4 series is offered in the XL Menu : +info

Discover the unique feel of an Altissimo hold with the XLP4 series #3

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