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The Climbing Academy are delighted to expand their offering of Armaid® products with the addition of the 'Armaid Extreme' to their rehabilitation range.

Armaid have been developing and producing massage therapy tools for arms since 1999 when, inspired by his own wealth of experience in massage and a desire to find a self-administered solution for tendonitis of the arms, Terry M. Cross created the original Armaid Massage Tool.

"If you are like me and get sore or tight forearms from climbing, sports massages are great…. but not always easy to fit into a busy schedule and the cost adds up over time. The Armaid is a great replacement and you don't have to save up your aches and pains for one session or wait until it's bad enough to justify going" - Mina Leslie Wujastyk, Professional Climber

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk below Careless Torque (8A) at Stanage, 58 kb

So what is an Armaid?

Armaid is a self-massage device that, when used correctly, can provide accurate and effective relief from the pain of tendonitis. It allows the user to exert deep, targeted massage to the soft tissues in the upper limbs, helping to release tension and promote faster recovery.

It's equipped with snap-in, interchangeable rollers (hard balls for the forearm, soft balls for the wrist and hand) and an opposing soft foam roller. The hinged arms allow the use of leverage to increase the pressure that can be achieved whilst delivering accurate and easily-controlled relief. The Armaid is attached to its contoured base via a ball-joint in such a way that it can be rotated and positioned easily without the need for a surface to lean against.

Armaid in use, 77 kb

"Last year I had suffered elbow pain for more than 6 months and developed RSI from the stresses and strains of route setting every day. I tried everything from various massages to acupuncture with no real success, I just couldn't seem to shake it off... I was very surprised at just how effective the Armaid was, just a few sessions and I was good to start training again. I couldn't believe it, the pain relief was almost immediate. I could have saved a lot of time, money and effort not to mention the much speedier recovery if I had access to one of these right at the beginning..." - Gaz Vincent, Renowned National Routesetter

Gaz Vincent on his way to victory in TCA Glasgow comp 22.8.13, 234 kb

At present, there are two versions of the Armaid available in the UK.

Armaid Massage Package - £90

Armaid Package, 64 kb

The Armaid Massage Package contains everything you need to get you started. It comes with the standard firm 'white roller', a softer 'grey roller', an adjustable leg strap, instruction DVD and a 10 year unconditional warranty.

An additional 'Foam Roller' and 'Extreme Roller' can be purchased separately to expand the functionality of the Armaid

Armaid Extreme - £65

Armaid Extreme, 54 kb

The NEW Armaid Extreme is a stripped back, no-nonsense, version of the original Armaid Massage Tool, ideal for those with well-worked, heavily muscled arms. The standard roller attachment has been replaced with the lacrosse-ball-like 'extreme roller' allowing the user to excert intense, deep tissue massage on the tight muscles of the forearm, wrist, hand, elbow, bicep and tricep, so often over-worked by climbing training.

The benefits of massage for recovery are well documented and this extremely hard, ~40mm diameter roller enables the user to apply effective trigger point therapy and cross-fibre friction at home or on the move.

Armaid Extreme Attachment, 8 kb

Armaid Extreme in use, 152 kb

Find out more...

If you'd like to find out more, check out this video from the creator of Armaid, Terry Cross.

For more information visit Armaid
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