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Jacky Godoffe, FFME Karma, Fontainebleau  © Stephan Denys
Jacky Godoffe, FFME Karma, Fontainebleau
© Stephan Denys

Rockcity Logo  © Rockcity
Rockcity Climbing Holds has been around for a couple of years now. With more new shapes released, in the latest cutting edge materials we decided to catch up with some of climbing's greatest inspirations who we have been fortunate to work with and to mark the first edition of the Rockcity Climbing Holds Workbook.

"What I like especially from these holds it is a mix between inspiring shape, nice colors, soft friction to produce by setting, some intriguing situations hard to appreciate for climbers.

I really love to play first with the mental process to evaluate how hard the setting could be and then with the physical strength to find the adapted answer, Last but not least I also like to try to play with different answers according to the size, the gender and so on.

Most of the times I would say that I rather like to set with screw-ons, avoiding to use bolts because it is the best to avoid size dependant moves. So an interesting system with Rockcity holds is that it is possible to fix them with both systems, That gives more freedom for route setting. I like to play with holds in general in order to create a different way to use them than the normal one. That's why I am in general fanatic of 'montages' between different holds all together, Because power is not more essential than the effort to understand the boulder before climbing." - Jacky Godoffe, master Route Setter and Bleausard.

Jerry Moffatt, The Foundry, Sheffield
© Tim Glasby

"In the beginning we made our holds from wood. It was hard to imagine back then in the late 80s that one day manufacturing climbing holds would become the business it is today. The Foundry climbing centre was the first wall of its type back in 1991. As you can imagine over more than 25 years we have seen a huge number of artificial holds on our walls, made in all types of different ways and materials. Problems arose as indoor climbing became more popular and then holds became polished quickly or didn't clean well, then there was problems with breakages.

The new range of Rockcity holds really are state-of-the-art. Made from a hard wearing super polyurethane, the holds are strong, but slightly flexible so therefore resistant to chipping. They are lighter making it easier to route set and the extra flexibility making them easier to put on uneven surfaces and not breaking. We purchased our first sets last year and have experienced no wear or polish, no chipping or cracking and the colours wash remarkably well and keep their colour fast. There is a wide variety of hold sizes and shapes to suit the needs for any climbing wall, roped walls or bouldering, from beginner to advanced and the feedback form our regular climbers has been very positive." Jerry Moffatt, Climbing Legend, Foundry Co-Owner

Steve McClure, Rockcity, Hull  © Lisa Marie Grant
Steve McClure, Rockcity, Hull
© Lisa Marie Grant

"I've been working as a professional route setter for over 15 years and have observed not only the walls, but also the holds changing considerably. Holds are now better than they have ever been. However, there are still advances to be made.

Since 2010 I've been a regular setter at Hull Rockcity and have assisted in the re-development of the wall. Regular work has highlighted lack of hold design in certain areas and Rockcity have developed a range to fill the gaps.

Developed by route setters, these holds are designed with all sectors of the industry in mind, from the wall manager, the route setters, and also of course the climber.

The range of holds from Rockcity are the first to go into my setting bag. They make interesting, technical routes, further away from the classic blob pulling. They are lightweight and don't break and with colours that leap out. As the highest spec holds on the market they are likely to be a big hit at many walls." - Steve McClure, World Class Climber and Route Setter.

With more new shapes to follow in 2018, Rockcity Climbing Holds have an unstoppable appetite for putting their ideas down into plastic. If you are interested in seeing the range you can either download the PDF Workbook, buy them online, or arrange for a representative to visit your climbing gym or attend one of our showroom events, in the UK or in Fontainebleau. -

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15 Mar, 2018

£311 for 16 medium size holds!!!!!!!!!!!!

can someone explain why the UK hold market looks so so different to the US?

Is Trump subsidising PU?

Is this article aimed at routesetters who don't care about budgets? I'm honestly very confused. The only thing I know for sure is whats gonna be in my luggage after my next trip to the US.

15 Mar, 2018

Hi Dave

Website prices are retail prices, walls and setters usually get significant discounts based on the volume of the order.

Yes, the latest PUs are twice the price of of the older PE hold technology.  In fact we actually send orders to the US so it all depends on what you are looking for really.  You can buy cheaper versions of PU here in the UK too, again for close to half the price of ours. 

The PU we use is Dannomond, tested in the at the busiest centre in the country, The Castle and between our brand and other major european hold brands are exporting a significant amount to the US.

We are pretty certain that you would struggle to clear customs with all the holds needed to open a commercial gym in your luggage.


the Rockcity Climbing Holds team

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