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Training finger strength away from home can be tricky, not having access to a climbing gym or your hangboard at home. We want to change that. By combining our Scandinavian design heritage, modern day technique with our craftsmanship we've created a line of functional and portable training tools, that will make it possible for you to train finger strength wherever you are. Our hangboards are great for warming up when climbing outdoors, so your focus can be on sending that project instead. Saving both your fingertips and time in the process. Problemsolver hangboards are proudly handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden.

The full range of Problemsolver Hangboards is available at Cold Mountain Kit.

One Armer, 142 kb

Hanzo Hangboard - the ultimate travel board

Hanzo Front, 138 kb

Hanzo Back, 98 kb

The Hanzo hangboard is small and ultralight, perfect for warming up at the crag or training finger strength wherever you are. All grips have two different edges. One side has a smooth rounding which is suitable for open-hand grip. The other side is less rounded and works great for crimping. The flip-function enables you to easily hang the board in several angles to make the holds easier or harder to hang on. Using the plexiglass inserts you can make the holds even harder to hang on. You can equip the Hanzo hangboard with our 3mm and 5mm inserts. You can get holds as small as 8mm when using the 5mm inserts on the standard version. Hang the Hanzo in a tree, bolt or a training bar and you are ready to go.

The fingerboard can be tilted in several angles to make the holds easier or harder to hang on. To make the most out of the Hanzo, we have given each grip two different roundings. One side has a smooth rounding which is suitable for open-hand training, the other side is less rounded and works great for crimping. With our flip-function, you can easily change between the different angles and rounding.


  • Measures: 380 x 105 x 24mm
  • Hold sizes: 19mm, 17mm and 13mm
  • Compatible with the boulder-trainer app.
  • Weight: 420g
  • Material: Birch

Problemsolver Training Hangboard

XL front, 138 kb

XL back, 111 kb

The Problemsolver Training hangboard is our most versatile tool to train finger strength on. It comes with a wide range of fixed holds, so you can easily keep track of your progression. Use our inserts to adjust the depth of the holds even more. With our add-on feature you can train all types of grip strengths.

The hangboard is made out of traceable birch and measures 400 x 160 x 24mm. The holds are 19mm, 17mm, 15mm, 13mm and 11mm. You can use them all for two handed deadhangs. You can also do one arm dead hangs by using the center holds which are 19mm, 17mm and 15mm. For mounting, we use a 4.0mm accessory cord. The XL version of the Training fingerboard is 30mm thick and has more rounding on the edges than the standard board. The holds are 25mm, 23mm, 21mm, 19mm and 17mm.

A feature on the backside of the board enables you to add on holds. That makes it possible for you can train different types of grip positions and get more out of your hangboard.

To get even more different grip sizes, the Training Hangboard comes with a pair of plexiglass inserts that can be mounted on all the holds but the upper ones. The inserts are 3mm on the standard hangboard and 5mm on the XL fingerboard. With that setup you can get holds as small as 8mm on the standard hangboard and 12mm on the XL version. When using the tilt, the holds will feel even smaller than that.


  • Measures: 400 x 160 x 24mm
  • Board weight: 700g
  • Add-on system
  • Compatible with the boulder-trainer app. iOS & Android

XL, 121 kb

The Triangle - no hang device

Triangle 1, 132 kb

Triangle 2, 198 kb

The Triangle enables you to do finger strength training in a controlled and safe manner, easily measured. The Triangle is best used as a no-hang training tool, below body weight. It can be connected to several different weight sources like cable pull machines, resistance bands/TRX or bodyweight. The Triangle was first developed as a rehab tool for climbers that can't do regular hang board training but still want to continue to do grip strength training.

The Triangle is pre-equipped with four inset holds. The one, two and three finger pockets have a very smooth rounding on the edge, great for open hand training, whereas the four finger hold is suitable for open crimp training. The depth on the four finger hold can be adjusted with our 5mm inserts. You can easily switch between the different holds by just rotating the device. The Triangle can be tilted in three positions, to make the inset holds easier or harder to grip. Put two Triangles together and get a brick hold for pinch grip training.

A great method for training grip strength on the Triangle is to add weight directly onto the device (no-hang) and perform a deadlift. By doing this you can choose the right work load and target your weakest link in a controlled manner. No-hang training is a great method to work below your bodyweight, great for beginner and intermediate climber who find conventional hang board training too aggressive. You can also use the Triangle together with cable pull machines, resistance bands/straps or your own body weight.

We developed the Triangle together with Aloma Naprapati, who specializes in climbing related injuries, as a rehab tool for climbers that, due to overstrain etc, can't do regular hang board training but still want to continue grip strength training. During the process we have come to realize the potential for this device and that other climbers would benefit greatly from using the Triangle.


  • Measures: 165 x 150 x 30mm
  • Holds: 25mm deep
  • Weight: ca 300g/piece
  • Material: Birch
  • Comes with a 4mm cord for mounting and a 5mm insert.

About Problemsolver

Problemsolver was founded in Stockholm 2015 by Stefan Pettersson, a passionate climber for more than two decades, and has reached attention around the world for it´s functional design and well thought features.

Stefan has a background working as a climbing gym manager, Swedish National Team coach and is a licensed IFSC International route setter. For the last 10 years he has shifted into working with wood, literally growing up in his fathers wood shop. Problemsolver Hangboards is the natural outcome of his two passions.

"I really like the idea that we can offer climbers to design their own fingerboard. Customizing it to fit their needs, choosing holds, size and material." -Stefan Pettersson

Van life, 154 kb

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