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Power Station is the world's first modular, highly adaptable and functional freestanding training station. It has been designed specifically to address the needs of climbers who want to train at home, in the office or gym more frequently and more effectively. Our Base model is double sided so you can mount one or more hangboards, campus rungs, hemispheres and climbing holds in one place and move them across 100 fixing points. Mounting points below the station allow you to hang rings, rolly balls or other training aids. There are hold fixing points in the bases which make it possible to climb foot on or off from one side to the other making Power Station suitable for all abilities. Power Station can be erected or moved in under 10 minutes with 8 bolts and fits into almost any room with no permanent fixings (optional floor fixings). Power Station lets you train instantly, when it suits you, with no lost or wasted time and money travelling.

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"A home training set up is absolutely key in maximising your progression in the central performance attribute in climbing: Finger strength. Deadhanging will always be the foundation of any training program for an aspiring climber"
Dave MacLeod Professional Climber, Coach, Author and Sport Scientist

The height of the Power board can be adjusted on the posts making it suitable for young climbers. You can add your own holds or select Dave MacLeod's Transformer hold pack (A) with training sessions which give you everything you need to start training hard this winter. If you add a Substation to your set up there is Transformer Hold Set (B), and you can then customize your station with Dave's boulder problem hold sets. Each set comes with 10 short, but intense problems which can be linked in a circuit. In June 2018, 10 more problems will be issued for each hold set which is included in the price.

You can build your own station on our site to suit your budget and training needs and payment can be spread interest free over 6 or 12 months. Power Station is the perfect tool for climbers who want to supplement training at the wall, cannot access a wall regularly or cannot mount a permanent board in the house. Train Harder, Smarter more often.

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"Good work…This needed to be done"

Neil Gresham, Coach and Author

Dave MacLeod Power Station Training for Climbing One Arm Deadhang Bouldering, 113 kb

Front and Back Face of the Power Board, 159 kb

Power Station is a bomber, high quality, hand finished product manufactured from engineered glue laminated posts, CNC cut 18 mm BB/WG Birch plywood and disk nuts which means your investment will last and has better potential resale value than a DIY custom built home wall.

Shipping is included on all Power Stations or Substations bought in the UK.

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Modernize your home training set up and build your Station

All sorts of fingerboards, hangboards and holds exist above door frames across the country and indicate the importance of hanging on your fingers as often as possible. These simple options are good, but very limited in comparison to what you can do 'all in one' place with a Power Station. Power Station has a number and letter grid making it easy to share problems and set ups and you can further enhance and customize your station with the following products.


Substation is the ultimate compact climbing station made from 24mm Plywood which transforms your Power Station into an adjustable 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 degree problem and circuit board. In less than 5 minutes you can change the angle by sliding the board up or down the rear face of your Power Station. You can mount your own holds or add Dave MacLeods Transformer Hold pack (B) with training sessions which instantly give you everything you need to start training hard and effectively this winter.

Substation is where you would add Dave MacLeod's Problem holds sets EASY V0 to V4 - HARD V5 to V8 and VERY HARD V9+

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The Insulator

Our Insulator mat offers a compact landing surface 2400 x 990 x 110 mm and is made from dense chip foam encased by a heavy duty PVC Zip closed bag. The hard wearing and easy to clean carpet top attaches onto the PVC cover with heavy duty velcro. The mat folds / articulates in half so it fits within the footprint of Power Station. The mat works well with Power Station on its own.

Power Station Training for Climbing and The Insulator Mat folded, 94 kb

The Insulator Mat Dave MacLeod Power Station Training, 126 kb

The Fuse Board

The Fuse Board allows you to switch between one or more hangboards quickly (only 3 bolts) without any screw damage to the face of your Power Station. There is a high and low mounting position on both faces of the Power Board for bolts. Both positions work with Transformer Hold pack (A). Using a Fuse board makes it easy to use your Beastmaker 1000 + 2000 with the app then switch to The Edge hangboard. This allows you to be very varied and specific with your training with no damage to your station.

The Fuse Board for Power Station has been optimised to fit your Beastmaker or Edge Hangboards. Permanently mount / screw your fingerboards / hangboards onto one or more Fuse Boards then switch between them effortlessly and quickly. We can custom make Fuse Boards to fit specific hangboards.

The Fuse Board and Beastmaker 1000 and Beatsmaker 2000 Power Station Training for Climbing and Bouldering small, 184 kb

Power Station Training for Climbing and Bouldering Substation in Indoor Climbing Wall, 211 kb

The Edge Hangboard

Designed by Dave MacLeod this simple and very effective Ash hangboard has three edge sizes. No more cheating by nestling fingers in pockets for extra support and quite simply, The Edge is a much more ergonomic and less damaging way of deadhanging because you can locate your fingers and adjust the width of your grip on all finger combinations on the rungs to suit your own body. All other hangboards force you to load your fingers in holes and slots positioned in a place which could be awkward and so damaging to your fingers, elbows and shoulders.

Dave MacLeod The Edge Fingerboard Power Station Training for Climbing and Bouldering Cross fit 2, 93 kb

Dave MacLeod The Edge Fingerboard Power Station Training for Climbing and Bouldering Cross fit 2, 108 kb

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