New T-Shirts from Moon Climbing

Make sure you are looking the business as the weather warms up this spring. The latest collection from Moon Climbing is now available and features many new and updated styles.

Left to Right: Circles Print Tee, Ben Moon Hero Tee and Moffatt Hero Tee

Our top t-shirt recommendations:

The women's Circles Print Tee, which draws inspiration from the hugely successful Mansouka Hoody.

The Ben Moon Hero Tee... Ben was bullied into doing this but is still very pleased with the design, which was done by New York artist Joe Lurato.

Finally, the Moffatt Hero Tee, which features a small biography of this iconic climber printed on the inside of the t-shirt.

Each t-shirt is made in Turkey from 100% organic cotton.

For more information visit Moon Climbing
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