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© Tenaya

Global fashion brand Zara and climbing shoe company Tenaya are teaming up for a product collaboration, launching on 5 May 2022. The limited-release women's capsule includes clothing items, an approach shoe, and a climbing shoe. Tenaya athlete Svana Bjarnason is the model and image of the campaign.

From Oscar-winning documentary films and reality shows to competitions and the Olympic Games, climbing is experiencing a surge of events that bring it closer to the masses.  This collaboration  points  to  a  growing  trend  of  rock climbing  becoming  "fashionable"  in  the mainstream, particularly for large retailers such as Dior, which partnered with climber Margo Hayes to promote their new Dior   Vibe athleisure line, and Agent Provocateur, which used climber Sasha DiGiulian and other athletes in a lingerie advertising campaign.

Climbing Shoes  © Zara
Climbing Shoes
© Zara

Now, Zara embarks into the vertical realm with this new release. Previously, Zara has collaborated with Everlast, Kappa, Kassl   Editions, Susan Fang, PlayStation, Purple magazine, Ader Error, and TRX, among others, but this is the first time the brand—or any   large fashion retailer—has presented a collection of climbing products, actually designed for climbing. 

Millennials (ages 25 to 40), particularly women, are fueling the growth of climbing, and the generation now accounts for 65 percent of climbers. While once  viewed  as  a  male-dominated  activity, climbing demographics  are  also shifting to become more even. More women are interested in climbing than ever before, and will continue to be a larger proportion in the years to come.

Svana Bjarnason, the face of the collaboration, represents these shifting demographics. The 30-year-old French climber, with Icelandic origins, started out as a youth competition climber before shifting her focus outdoors.  

Since its inception in 1997, Tenaya has experienced steady growth to become a globally-recognized climbing  brand, now available  in over 60 countries. Tenaya  has pushed  the limits of  possibility in recent  decades, from Josune Bereziartu  becoming  first  woman in the world to climb 9a (5.14d) to Alex Megos making the first 9a onsight and first ascent of Bibliographie (9b+/5.15c).

Approach Boots  © Zara
Approach Boots
© Zara

For Tenaya, this collaboration is recognition of the constant effort in product development, and the consistency and coherence of many years. Tenaya has become a world reference on climbing shoes and a brand that embodies the essence  of  climbing.  It  is  thanks  to  the  authenticity  of  the  product  and  the brand that Zara collaborates with Tenaya to set the trend.

Logo T-Shirt  © Zara
Logo T-Shirt
© Zara

Logo Sweatshirt  © Zara
Logo Sweatshirt
© Zara

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