FurTech Talon

"If you are tired of condensation then give FurTech a go, as it is far more breathable than other waterproofs...The hood fit and movement are unbelievably good, and it has a unique clear visor that provides protection without giving the feeling of peering out of a gun barrel."
Graham Thompson, Trail Magazine


"The Talon is far more comfortable to wear than any coated or membrane waterproof and far more waterproof than a softshell. In winter storms, both rain and snow, it has kept me dry and warm without any condensation problems...the clear visor does give an amazing sense of freedom due to the extra visibility while still protecting the face."
Chris Townsend, TGO

    Talon #1, 46 kb
  • Weight: 730g
  • Length: Short style
  • Helmet compatable: Sight'n'Sound hood
  • Two harness friendly map sized pockets
  • Snow seal crotch elastic maintains a lean fit
  • Massive venting

You can learn more about Furtech and the Talon at

For more information visit FurTech
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