Kendal Wall DEAL OF THE MONTH: 5 Nitro Quickdraws £50

We have some great offers for our online customers in the lead up to Xmas, you can either treat yourself or your nearest and dearest!

You can buy these deals at

Nitro Quickdraws

Our first offer is 5 Nitro Quickdraws for £50, this can be a sport rack of 5 x 10cm QDs or a Sport mix of 3 x 10cm + 2 x 15cm QDs or a Trad mix of 2 x 10cm + 2x 15cm + 1x 20cm QDS a great choice.

Wild Country Nitro Quickdraws, 40 kb

When you have tried many 'biners and quickdraws you will know what a joy it is to handle something so light and so well made.

The performance of the Nitro is a revelation and the feeling of quality is due to the I beam Back, Hot forged 7075 alloy. The 'biner itself only weighs 35 grams and when two of them are combined with the 10mm dyneema sling, the whole unit only weighs 77 grams.

These 'biner sets should start at £77.50 but you can by them for £50 and it's postage paid!

Edelrid Fraggle Harness, 11 kb
Edelrid Fraggle Harness

The Fraggle

The Fraggle is a padded full body harness for children up to 40 kg. It's padding helps maintain it's shape and makes it easier to put on and take off. The Fraggle is a fully-fledged harness with an additional tie-in loop at the back for securing when on rough or steep terrain.

3D mesh padding offers optimal support and comfort.

Check out our offers page on the website.

Easy Glider buckles make for safe and easy adjustment.

Additional tie in loop at back for safety or confidence on steep terrain, also suitable for ski instruction.

Edelrid Crocy, 22 kb
Edelrid Crocy

The Crocy

The Crocy is a perfect first shoe for the rock stars of tomorrow. A flexible 'hinge' around the heel expands two whole sizes for a less aggressive fit and room to grow into. Velcro straps and wide opening make putting these shoes on and off a doddle. Comes with crocodile key ring.

Normally the combined cost of these items would be £85, our price is £75 for a limited period only.

For more information visit Kendal Wall
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