Half Price - Mammut Trail Running Shoes

Everyone loves our special offer deals and for the last few years our deals on footwear have been the most popular of all.

This Autumn we have secured a large shipment of Mammut trail running shoes - all at HALF PRICE!

We have three of the most popular shoe styles from Mammut:

The MTR141, the MTR201 Low Pro and the MTR201 Dyneema.

First up the MTR141 - available in Men's and Women's sizes.

RRP £100.00  Deal Price £49.99!!!

Men's - Blue/Black - CLICK HERE

Men's MTR141 Blue/Black

Women's - Black/Raspberry - CLICK HERE

 Women's - Spring Green/Grey - CLICK HERE

This is an excellent trail shoe for running or walking. A medium density sole gives plenty of cushioning and the lightweight fast drying uppers make the shoe a good choice for taking on holiday to warmer countries.

Mammut info:

"The innovative Alpine Performer fashioned from impressively tough and abrasion-resistant 3-D polyamide fabric, with integrated hybrid shell for enhanced support and protection. The shoe is very light and comfortable and comes equipped with a range of proven and patented Mammut technologies: Base Fit, Rolling Concept, and the newly developed Mammut gripex Sonar sole technology with its all-round safety and grip concept. The wedge is made from ultra-light injected EVA IP. The VENtech lining used at the front of the foot ensures fast wicking and drying for an optimal climate. This high-tech shoe also features the technologies Memo Foam, 3-D Textile, Liquid Rubber and 360 Heel Support. It incorporates reflective elements for increased safety after dark."

Technical details

  • Upper: 3-layer hybrid shell for support and protection
  • Lining: 3-D Textile, Memo Foam and VENtech (for wicking and quick drying)
  • Sole: Mammut gripex Sonar sole technology
  • Heel wedge: Ultra-light injected EVA IP
  • Weight: 662g, UK size 8.5 (slightly heavier Gore-Tex version also availabl

Lots more info here.

The second shoe we have on Special Offer is the MTR201 Pro Low

RRP £120.00 - Needle Sports Special Offer - £59.99 !!

Men's - Inferno Green - CLICK HERE

Men's Grey Imperial - CLICK HERE

The MTR201 Pro Low is an upgraded version of the MTR141. The sole has rounded corners for better off-road performance. A reinforced midsole offers increased protection from sharp stone strikes and polyamide reinforced areas protect the uppers from abrasion. You won't get a better performing off road trail running shoe at this price!

Mammut info:

"This little gem is a genuine alternative to the highflying MTR 201 due to its gripex Sonar II sole, whose rounded edges create a completely different running experience. The inner rubber blend is an extremely adhesive sticky rubber with exceptionally high abrasion resistance. This alpine performer is also made from very robust and abrasion-resistant 3-D polyamide fabric; it is extremely light and features Mammut's proven and patented Base Fit and Rolling Concept technologies. The wedge is made from ultra-lightweight injected EVA IP. The cushioning Strobel midsole, which runs the entire length, also functions as a stone protector. The VENtech lining, which is used in the forefoot area, ensures rapid moisture absorption, drying and therefore climate optimization. This high-tech shoe also features memo foam, 3-D textiles, liquid rubber and 360 heel support. Reflective elements help to keep you safe in the dark."

Last but not least we have Mammut top of the range running shoe - one that is bound to appeal to climbers!

Men's MTR201 Pro Low Dyneema - CLICK HERE

RRP £165.00 - Now Half Price £79.99 !!

This amazing shoe has the same super grippy and cushioned sole unit as the MTR141 but has a lightweight fast drying upper reinforced with Dyneema fabric. This is a really good bit of kit. The RRP may have put you off but at half price you would be getting a very good deal!

Mammut info:

  • Dyneema provides unparalleled protection from trail hazards and heaps of support for your foot
  • Dyneem material is stronger than carbon fiber and steel and highly resistant to the fiber breakdown caused by extended exposure to UV rays
  • Single Shell construction uses Dyneema, flexible synthetic material, and breathable mesh to form an upper that allows heat and excess moisture to move away from the foot
  • Memo Foam padding provides targeted cushioning for extra comfort around the ankle
  • Rolling Concept technology forms the midsole and heel into a shape that promotes smooth heel-to-toe transition and reduces foot and ankle fatigue
  • LP Lace, Speed Lace, and Base Fit combine to lock your foot securely in place inside this shoe by allowing the laces to slide into the ideal position on the upper as they're tightened
  • Rubber cap protects the toes from impact with rocks, roots, and debris
  • Gripex sonar sole has flexible ribs and wave-shaped, multi-directional lugs for traction on the ascent and the descent


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Half Price - Mammut Trail Running Shoes, 204 kb
Half Price - Mammut Trail Running Shoes, 167 kb
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Half Price - Mammut Trail Running Shoes, 163 kb


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