Wild Country draws, cams and slings less than half price!

This month we've got some ridiculous bargains from Wild Country for you!


Wild Country slings for Outside DoM, 61 kb

90cm Dyneema slings for only £3 (MSRP £8) - 90cm is a bit of a weird length for a sling, standard sizes are either 60cm or 120cm. BUT if you're a very small climber you may find a standard 120cm sling doubled up around the shoulder will dangle into your gear lops or even around your knees. Conversely, if you've got a hefty mountaineer's build you might not get a 60cm over your shoulder. Either way the 90cm length could be useful. Or you could just twist it up and stick it on the back of your harness, and at £3 each you may as well get a load of them!

Wild Wire Trad pack, 102 kb
Wild Country Wild Wire Quickdraw Trad Pack

Wild Wire II Trad Packs for only £29 (MSRP £59) - 5 quickdraws in a pack - 2 x 10cm, 1 x 15cm and 2 x 20cm. Ideal for building up a trad rack with, and working out at only £5.80 per quickdraw, why on earth would you buy secondhand gear?!

Wild Country Zero Cam size 6, 37 kb
Wild Country Zero Cam Size 6

Zero Cam size 6 only £19 (MSRP £50) - The small cam market is totally saturated at the moment, with Totem Basics, Mastercams, X4's and C3's all jostling for a space on your rack, but if you've got a gap in the 17-24mm range you could happily fill it with one of these

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