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For the 2018 season Dolomite presents a rich collection with important new features, such as the expansion of the Mountain Approach category, for a discipline with an increasing number of fans.

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Dolomite's new Crodarossa range accommodates the requirements of the modern way of spending time in the mountains - light, fast, athletic.

The development of the Steinbock Low Gtx 2.0 typifies Dolomite's vision of continually updating its products without losing their identity.

For the Mountain Expert category we present the new, Italian-made Torq Gtx 2.0, even more high-performing than before, plus Torq Lite Gtx, to complete this category.

The Hiking category has been revamped and now has new models to offer a comprehensive range for all kinds of users, from amateurs to demanding expert walkers


Torq Gtx 2.0 is the new version of the Torq Gtx.

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Made for people who practise light mountaineering and via ferratas, this model is made exclusively in Italy with all the experience and skill of the world's finest shoemakers.

Functional aesthetics, superior-quality materials and advanced construction technology combine in Torq Gtx 2.0 to deliver agility, safety and precision at every step.

Comfort is ensured by a deep, padded collar which does not limit ankle movement, and by a stretch technical- fabric tongue.

The independent-flap lacing fastening adapts to the foot's movement. The ergonomically designed Alp dual- density PU bottom outsole provides cushioning and support while the Mulaz Vibram® lug sole ensures superior grip and safety.

A rear crampon attachment point, a rubber tip and heel, a Gore-Tex® lining and steel hooks make Torq Gtx 2.0 an authentic multipurpose mountain boot, perfect for those taking their first steps in mountaineering.

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Torq Lite Gtx is a new model in the Mountain Expert category.

Made for experts, its light, flexible construction makes it the ideal boot for fast, challenging mixed terrains.

Made exclusively in Italy with all the experience and skill of the world's finest shoemakers.

The microfibre upper, stretch technical fabric collar and tongue and the long lacing, down to the toe, ensure a perfect fit around the foot and therefore greater agility and control.

The all-round rubber mudguard protects and holds the foot for greater safety.

The ergonomically designed Alp dual-density PU bottom outsole is shock absorbing and provides support while the Friction Vibram® lug sole ensures superior grip and safety.

A waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® lining and a water-repellent microfibre upper make Torq Lite Gtx perfect for summer wear for its lightness and high performance.

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Steinbock Low Gtx 2.0 is the new version of the Steinbock Low Gtx.

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Made for mountain approach over long routes on mixed terrain, this is a particularly comfortable, sturdy and very stable shoe.

Suede upper and tongue, stretch collar, protective heel cup, rubber tip and Gore-Tex® lining are fundamental elements for a product that delivers all that is essential in a reliable, long-lasting shoe.

The shoe's true plus point is a ADH LITE moulded outsole made of a new visco-elastic polymer, Whippy®, which absorbs shock and transmits energy back to the foot at each step to make walking less tiring.

Spry-Paint technology, used to make the midsole, envelops Whippy® in a protective, supportive shell that is ultra-thin to ensure lightness.
The rubber lug sole, designed for maximum grip, guarantees stability and safety on all surfaces.

Steinbock Low Gtx 2.0 is not only a shoe for climbers but also for indefatigable lovers of mountain walking.

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Crodarossa is a new model in the Mountain Approach category.

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The upper is made of a technical material, SuperFabric®, which is made by infusing a fabric with tiny, ultra-strong guard plates that give it exceptional abrasion and slash resistance.Developed for climbers' fast approach, it features an overlap fastening which enables very precise lacing.

The shoe also has an internal stretch sock which envelops the foot, without layers of material, for extra comfort.

The eyelets are connected to the footbed so lace traction is spread across the upper to fully envelop the foot. The rubber heel keeps the foot in position and the tip provides further impact protection.

The different-density EVA midsole has a cushioning heel and a stiffer, thinner fore part, for control and sensitivity.

The Ibex Vibram® lug sole is designed to provide maximum grip on rock. It is made of Megagrip, a new high- performing rubber compound for an excellent grip on wet or dry surfaces, a perfect blend of grip and durability and the appropriate combination of stability and flexibility on any terrain.

Crodarossa unites excellent performance with a really on-trend look, in keeping with the new-generation climbing spirit.

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