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Spring 2019 sees the launch of new family of alpine mountaineering boots from Boreal. The three new models comprise of Arwa, Triglav and Nelion, all of which have been given radical designs to take advantage of the very latest high-tech materials. T he resulting range of boots are more precise, warmer, more comfortable and lower weight than ever before.




Arwa is fully rigid B3 boot, compatible with fully automatic crampons. It is designed for technical alpinism and a perfect choice for Scottish winter climbing, continental cascade ice, and 4000m peaks etc.

Boreal Arwa

The uppers are fully synthetic (vegan friendly) and feature an advanced highly abrasion resistant PU-TEK textile. This material is overlaid with external PVC panels forming a laminate which adds structural support to the soft textile upper whilst maximising breathability and adding minimal weight.

Arwa is generously insulated thanks to a waterproof and breathable Dry-Line® lining with Primaloft®. Unlike conventional insulated linings this proprietary system has the significant advantage of keeping the insulation dry, massively improving the boots warmth in snowy wet conditions. It also boasts significant durability advantages over fragile PTFE membrane systems too.

Arwa RRP £350 / Size range 5 – 13 UK

Triglav and Nelion

Triglav and Nelion are built on Boreal's PBG650 semi-rigid midsole and are given a B2 classification. They are best partnered with semi-automatic crampons and are ideal choices for summer alpinism, winter mountain walking and glacier travel etc.

Triglav shares the same PU-TEK material technology as the Arwa, whereas the Nelion features a marginally heavier but slightly tougher synthetic microfiber upper. Both are reinforced with the same external PVC overlay.

Men's Triglav  © Boreal
Men's Triglav

Women's Triglav  © Boreal
Women's Triglav

Unlike most B2 rated boots which have poor warmth, both Nelion and Triglav offer a useful degree of thermal insulation thanks to a Dry-Line lining with a 100 gsm Primloft® layer. This proprietary lining is fully waterproof, breathable and makes the Triglav and Nelion suitable for use in moderately cold conditions, extending the versatility of Nelion and Triglav beyond the range of typical summer alpine boots.

Men's Nelion  © Boreal
Men's Nelion

Women's Nelion  © Boreal
Women's Nelion

Both Triglav and Nelion are available in dedicated women's versions with a lower volume last shape that is optimised for the female foot.

Triglav RRP £260 / Size range 6 - 13 UK men's and 4 - 8.5 women's

Nelion RRP £250 / Size range 6 - 13 UK men's and 4 - 8.5 women's

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