Andrea Boldrini Tiger

New version of the famous Tiger. This version is similar to the Talisman but gives a better comfort for those long days at the crag or in the mountatins.

The modifications were made to improve the use of the Tiger towards a practice of long technical routes. The new sole increases the support of the foot articulation when the weight is on the toes for a long time. This helps to relieve the calve ache whilst keeping very good sensitivity.

The new Tiger has also the innovative system FCS (Full Contact Sole). A no edge construction all around the front which provides great sensitivity. This concept was introduced first by Andrea Boldrini and has since been copied by a few manufactures.

The asymmetrical lace up allows a more precise fit and push the toes on the internal edge for a better accuracy. 

Upper 100% Lorica microfiber that enhances comfort and prevents the shoes from stretching after regular use.

The tongue, made of a mix of elasthanne/foam/Licra, is increasing the support as a slipper. 

Full rand with slingshot to increase support, relaxed heel cup to avoid discomfort.

The rand rubber on the front of the shoes is higher to protect the feet when there are cracks. 

Rubber: Formula Tractor (4.5 mm) for performance.

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