EVOLV Predators shoes review

Evolv Predators
The predators are the most technical shoe in the Evolv range. They have a dramatically downward pointing toe and a very tight fit. They retail at £69.99.

I would recommend that you get a pair a half size bigger than you may be used to, they are very small fitting (and I am used to wearing small sport climbing shoes).

The toe box fit well, as did the heel. They are very aggressively shaped and this took some getting used to. I found them difficult to walk around in – definitely not a multi pitch shoe! The down pointing toe did work well on small toe edges – a good boot for Malham style routes.

The Rubber/sole
I found the rubber to be sticky and reasonably hard wearing. The Predators are not a smearing/slab shoe so I haven't managed to test the rubber on nasty gritstone slopers. However, they performed really well on polished limestone and on quarried grit edges.

The Uppers
The upper fabric was comfortable straight away. The stitching seems to have been done well and they are attached well to the sole and rand. I found the Velcro straps quick and easy, however a lace up version may enable the toe area to be tightened up even more.
Wear and Tear. After 1 month of solid use, the rubber seems intact without any of the ridges/ripples that sometimes appear on really soft shoes. The sole has maintained much of its stiffness. The uppers are in good condition and everything has held together well. They haven't stretched much at all.

As a specific steep route/bouldering shoe I would recommend trying them out instead of sticking with the same old manufacturers. The shoes are available in odd sizes for those with funny feet (at an extra cost) which is a new concept.

A well designed, very specific shoe that performs and lasts well.
If you want to keep your shoes on in between routes, these aren't for you.

Rating 8/10

Evolv Predator
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Evlov Shoes in Action
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