Evolv VIDEO REVIEW: Defy Climbing Shoe

Evolv Defy Video Review  © UKC Gear
Evolv Defy Video Review

Dominic Green tests the Defy Shoe:

This short filmed review is based on my experience of climbing in the Evolv Defy. Having used it as my main shoe for the last few months, I've had a chance to really get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the Defy.

Most of my climbing consists of bouldering, up to font 7A, with the occasional route, up to E2. Being based in Sheffield, a lot of my climbing has been on gritstone, for which this shoe is ideal. Having used it for some limestone climbing, I'd prefer a shoe with a stiffer midsole, although dropping down a size and fitting the shoe a lot tighter may work too. Indoors, I've found it to be perfect, having a supple shoe such as this one is great. Stretch has been minimal over the time that I've had the Defy. Its artificial upper probably stretched less than a ½ size over the time I have used it.

Price: £60
UK Distribution: www.prana-metolius.co.uk
US Distribution: www.evolvesports.com

21 Jan, 2009
looks like Bell Hagg. Quite a crap crag.
22 Jan, 2009
I just got my third pair last week. I even paid for them this time which is saying something ;-) Great kit, well built and comfortable. Just a damn good all round shoe. They are what I wore climbing every route in Hard Rock in 2007. As per the review comment about edging performance, I've occasionally found them poor on 'matchstick' sized footholds on English 6b moves on tenuous limestone slab/face sport routes in the mid 7s. However, I'm hopeless on limestone slabs, they're probably under-graded and you can't have everything...
27 Jan, 2009
Indeed, it is burglar buttress at Bell Hagg. If clean it would be quite a good crag, now where's my brush...
2 Feb, 2009
7 Feb, 2009
Gone at last, I was trying The Lurcher (and failing) a couple of weeks back and noticed that lots of cleaning of that sloper had gone on.
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