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The Stonelands are designed for those who aren't mainstream climbers. Built on an all new last, the Stonelands has a notoriously comfortable fit that belies its inner strength.

The Firsten Last Story
Lasts make a difference. Basically, a last is the foot-shaped structure around which the shoe is built. The shoe's fit and performance correlates directly to the last's volume and shape. Each last cradles your foot in a specific position, passing along specific performance advantages to the athlete. The new last is designed to reward performance without robbing comfort.

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Starting with the foot's natural position, the new last fills the shoe with the foot, rather than forcing the foot to fit the arbitrary shape. The top of the last is ground down, to reduce volume, which encourages a flat-toed position. The new last is thinner and wider than traditional lasts, making it ideal for finger cracks and multiple pitches. It also reduces shoe spin - meaning that the shoe stays more firmly in position on the foot, even when torqued into tortuous positions.
A cylindrically lasted shoe may roll, while the thinner, lower volume Stonelands edges and smears with solid precision. The shoe is not cruel to the feet. We realise it's a rebellious idea, but that's what Five Ten is all about.

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The Stonelands are now available for sale in the UK.

For more information visit Five Ten
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