New Products from Scarpa - Furia S, Instinct SR, and Mago Product News

2018 has got off to a flying start for Scarpa, with three new additions to the range: the Furia S, the Instinct SR, and the Mago

Dan Varian using the Instinct SR, 179 kb
Dan Varian using the Instinct SR
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Despite the Furia S and Instinct SR both being slippers, they couldn't be more different in spec if they tried. The former as soft and sensitive as they come and the latter being an edging machine; however, both have all the features you'd expect from a top-end, high-spec, technical boot with plenty of rubber around the toe for toe-hooking and an exquisite heel for all your heel-hooking needs. The Mago is something different altogether, with laces from top to bottom, and unparalleled power through the big toe.

Furia S £130

As The evolution of climbing shoes, Soft line gives the climber maximum sensitivity and encourages the natural use of the foot muscles. The clever design of midsoles, active tension systems and SRT technology gives Soft lines shoe users total freedom of foot placement and encourages a faster and more dynamic movement on rock or plastic.

Furia S, 77 kb

Furia S, 50 kb

Ultra soft and sensitive, the Furia S gives the climber a barefoot-like experience with excellent prehensile grabbing ability. The asymmetrical and downturned shape with
a medium-to-high angled toe box provides maximum toe sensitivity.

Furia S Specs, 13 kb

The Multi-panel upper has a seamless big toe panel and offset fourth toe stitch for the best custom moulding fit and comfort and the high stretch gusset allows easy entry while the IPR system helps reduce excess material and increase the overall sensitivity, precision and adaptability of the shoes.

The Wave shape strap closure system, spreads the pressure evenly across the upper from the strap and buckles. It gives a glove-like fit with excellent flexibility for the foot during bouldering or climbing.

  • Rand - IPR-Tension
  • Sole - XS Grip2 3.5mm
  • Last - FZ
  • Upper - Microfibre

Instinct SR £110

High performance and versatility are the universal characteristics of the Instinct line. Climbers that seek a versatile shoe that performs on all angles as well as varied footholds will appreciate these shoes with their balanced midsoles and active tension systems. Hooking with both the toes and especially the heels are strengths of the Instinct line.

Instinct SR, 76 kb

Instinct SR, 52 kb

The Instinct SR is designed with indoor climbing in mind. The large rubber cover above the toe area enables powerful toe-hooking. Integral heel cup for sensitive heel-hooking, slightly asymmetrical and downturned shape, with a medium angled toe box.

Instinct SR Specs, 12 kb

Dan Varian using the Instinct SR, 210 kb
5 panel microfiber upper, REB reinforced elastic closure with seamless big toe panel and seamless four-toe panel for the best custom moulding fit. Full Ultra-sticky M50 rubber on the top of the toes for top-level hooking.

The 3.5mm ¾ XS Grip 2 sole and M50 rubber heel construction for high friction hooking performance.

  • Rand - Bi-Tension
  • Sole - XS Grip2 3.5mm
  • Last - FV
  • Upper - Microfibre

Mago £125

The new and improved Mago is a part of the Scarpa's 'Sharp Line', a range of climbing shoes that are designed to give both precision and power.

Mago, 50 kb

Concentrating power on the big toe, this line of shoes gives the climber focussed power on small footholds, with varying levels of sensitivity in each model. Intended for high level climbing on any angle, where the use of small footholds is paramount.

Reinforced with an intricate stitch pattern and TPS midsole, the Mago dominates small footholds like no other shoe. It features an asymmetrical and downturned last, with a high angled toe box to concentrate power on the big toe - thus making it the ultimate tool for precision climbing.

The Mago was also included as one of UKClimbing's Top 10 Products from ISPO 2018.

Mago Specs, 14 kb

  • Rand - X Tension
  • Sole - XS Grip2 3.5mm
  • Last - FH
  • Upper - Suede + Microfibre

The new and improved Scarpa Mago, 92 kb

The new and improved Scarpa Mago, 77 kb

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