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The Oxi is the new climbing shoe from Ocun. The design has been taken from the more established Ozone model and developed as a bouldering specific shoe.

For the Oxi, Ocun has taken out their 3D Structure on the toe and replaced it with a prominent Grippin S sticky rubber patch, perfect for toe hooking. The Oxi has a reduced through sole which gives it much more flexibility, and is pliable at the sole of the boot with a much more streamlined look to suit the bouldering style.

Ocun Oxi, 78 kb

Ocun has also given the Oxi an additional sticky rubber around the heel, which makes the Oxi brilliant for heel hooking. The single velcro closure ensures a perfect fit and makes slipping the shoe on and off between problems easy - especially on those cold days when your toes are screaming to get back in to the warmth of your trainers.

Ocun Oxi, 79 kb


  • Streamlined design
  • Grippin S 4mm rubber
  • Rubber toe patch
  • Additional rubber on heel
  • Velcro closure


Oxi by Ocun - handcrafted in the Czech republic from Ocun on Vimeo.

For more information visit Hold Breaker
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