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Ocun’s design team has over twenty years experience in the development of performance rock shoes. Crucial to this success has been a constant cycle of prototyping, improving and listening to climbers’ feedback. The mantra in their development lab is: "Because one size never fits all." A shoe’s last is paramount to its fit. It gives the shoe its shape and character. Different climbers have different shaped feet and it is clearly not possible to create a shoe that will fit everyone.

Ozones shoes highballing, 100 kb
Ozone Lady

Enter the Ozone series of rock shoes: Ozone, Ozone Plus and Ozone Lady. The original Ozone, first launched in 2009, offered high performance, unparalleled comfort levels and superb build quality, bottomed off with a super sticky Vibran XS Grip sole. The Ozone remains the best seller of the Ocun range; however for 2015 they have replicated its qualities in two additional models: the Ozone Plus designed for climbers with wider, high volume feet and the Ozone Lady designed with the feet of the female climber in mind and featuring a narrower heel.

Ozone Lady, 70 kb
Ozone Lady

Ocun Ozone, 78 kb

Ocun Ozone Plus, 76 kb
Ozone Plus

Key to the Ozone’s success is the patented 3-Force System. This distributes pressure through the toe box increasing stability and reducing movement of one’s foot inside the shoe. This dramatically increases the edging performance of the Ozone and in layman’s terms it makes one’s foot feel like it has been vacuum packed. This eliminates hot spots and pressure points that are a common problem in performance rock shoes. Another advantage of the 3-Force system is the extra rubber increases friction when toe hooking. The 3-force band also pushes toes together, giving the Ozone a level of precision normally reserved to lace up shoes.

Ocun’s parent company Rock Pillars was the first company to introduce seamless heels way back in 1994. The seamless design reduces pressure and increases comfort around the heel. This is crucial when you are wearing tight shoes for extended periods of time. The Ozone’s use a tensioned heel band to gently push the foot forward, improving the transfer of power from foot to rock.

The Ozone’s uppers are made from a synthetic microfibre, which gently gives to the owner’s foot shape but does not stretch. This means that the Ozone will maintain its original characteristics throughout the life of the shoe. The innersole is made from leather. Ocun use leather because the design team has not yet found a synthetic material that works as well as leather does for this purpose. All the shoes in the Ozone range have a .7mm 3D midsole designed to improve performance on the smallest holds.

Underneath every pair of Ozones is a sole made from Vibran XS Grip. A super stick, extremely durable and very well regarded rubber that is used by a number of other rock shoes manufacturers. The shoes are all manufactured in Ocun’s Czech factory by their team of experienced and dedicated craftsman.

With a recommend retail price of £100, £15-20 cheaper than most comparable shoes on the market, the Ozone series represents fantastic value for money.

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