Scarpa Boostic Review

As a long-standing name in the UK rockshoe market, Scarpa have a loyal following and many much-loved models. As a fan of several of the Scarpa line I was happy to see that the Boostic came into the range without knocking any old friends off the production line!

But what did I think to these new shoes? 

What are they?

The Boostic is aimed at the highest performance, is very asymmetric in shape and has an extremely pronounced downward pointing toe. It has Vibram XS Edge on the sole, a lorica and suede upper with a double Velcro fastening and a fairly substantial heel cup that is a bit baggy on narrow feet but not baggy enough to allow any movement.

Alan James wearing Scarpa Boostics on The Plum (E1) at Tremadog., 149 kb
Alan James wearing Scarpa Boostics on The Plum (E1) at Tremadog.
© Jack Geldard

The Fit

First fitting leaves you in no doubt that you are in a performance rock shoe. This is the sort of thing you only wear when climbing, they have quite the down turn - "descent routes will be a nightmare in these!" I thought. But they aren't for mountain walking, and of course they aren't really comfy, but they have a medium to broad fit, and after being broken in are more than bearable for hard routes.

The Scarpa Boostic, 156 kb
The Scarpa Boostic
© Alan James

The Performance

My initial impression on the rock wasn't too good, I thought the boots felt too clumpy and insensitive, however shortly after my first foray on some easy routes I got on a tougher sport climb at Pen Trwyn where precise footwork is essential. Having used an older pair of boots on one climb it was a complete revelation when I got on the next route with the Boostics. They were simply superb with the most precise front toe position that I can remember on any rock shoe.

From that moment onwards I began to appreciate these for what they are. An incredibly precise rock shoe that will enable you to stand on the tinest of edges whilst giving real support that will make you climb better.

On slabs they are adequate enough but most people would probably want something a little softer for pure smearing.

The Scarpa Boostic, 122 kb
The Scarpa Boostic
© Alan James


A superb and incredibly precise performer. Not great for smearing but one of the best for standing on tiny edges. Overall they are well made, as are most Scarpa rockshoes, but the price tag is high at £124.99.

Scarpa Boostic, 200 kb
What Scarpa Say:

Meet the evolution of high performance climbing shoes. Power and precision for today's climbers. The latest masterpiece by designer Heinz Mariacher.

The Boostic is a top end shoe that incorporates all of the best tech and experience from our past & present range range of high performance rock boots.  

 More info: Scarpa Website


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