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Announcements direct from the manufacturers

2 Oct 2017

thumb The AIR FORCE ONE works with single ropes from 8.5mm to 10.5mm in diameter.  It fulfils the needs of beginners using a... Read more

26 Sep 2017

thumb Climbing anchors may not seem to be the most exciting topic for UKC; what is there to know you ask? Surely they are just the... Read more

Jun 2017

thumb Whilst EDELRID are well known for their extensive range of ropes, the extent of their belay device offerings may not be so... Read more

Apr 2017

thumb A look at what's new from Climbing Technology for Spring 2017 Read more

Apr 2017

thumb Another step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits of smooth wire... Read more

Mar 2017

thumb EDELRID's new Bulletproof karabiner has been selected as the winning product in the climbing equipment category at the 2017 UK... Read more

Dec 2016

thumb This rope has it all and is our most popular of the Evolution series. Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't... Read more

Nov 2016

thumb An adjustable, interchangeable, and lockable articulated brush for cleaning out of reach holds. Read more

Oct 2016

thumb This product was made specifically to be used with Sublime Climbing Brush. Using the same fantastic ingredients as our original... Read more

Mar 2016

thumb A state-of-the-art cam that makes the most of every placement. Read more

Climbing Hardware Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Jul 2017

thumb Released in 2016, Wild Country's New Friends are the result of several decades of refinement on the iconic original. Over the... Read more

Jul 2017

thumb If there's a big weight difference between lead climber and belayer, the Edelrid Ohm offers a genuine safety gain. Rob... Read more

May 2017

thumb Assisted-braking belay devices are popular for indoor and outdoor sport climbing, adding extra braking in the event of a fall and... Read more

Mar 2017

thumb It's light, it offers loads of grip for secure belaying, and it works smoothly on a range of rope diameters - what's not to like?... Read more

Feb 2017

thumb On 25-26th January UKC were invited to the launch of the forthcoming Petzl GRIGRI+, which is due to hit the shops in April this... Read more

Nov 2016

thumb Assisted braking belay devices help catch a leader fall by doing some of the braking work for you. With no moving parts, the Jul... Read more

Oct 2016

thumb In this group review we test sport climbing quickdraws from all the leading manufacturers, comparing them for key characteristics... Read more

Sep 2016

thumb No matter what you might think, even for experienced climbers a VF set is an essential purchase if attempting a via ferrata.... Read more

Sep 2016

thumb A bouldering mat that feels harder or softer, depending how high your fall, the Wrap is also comfy to carry. It's a winning... Read more

May 2016

thumb With some key improvements on the previous model, the new Dragons take DMM's dual axle cam offering to new heights, reckons Tim... Read more

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