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25 Jan 2017

thumbVersion 2.0 of the Rockfax App is here and it includes full integration with UKClimbing Logbook as well as a number of other... Read more

Nov 2016

thumbThe South Wales Sport Climbs Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer price of 24.95 (RRP 29.95). Read more

Sep 2016

thumbThis season's hottest news for climbers in the north-west is the release of the latest BMC definitive guidebook, Lancashire Rock.... Read more

Sep 2016

thumbThe Chamonix Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer price of 25.95 (RRP 34.95). Read more

May 2016

thumbWe have also released version 1.3 of the App and added the fourth France guidebook Languedoc-Roussillon to the list of available... Read more

Apr 2016

thumbThis summer Rockfax will be publishing a new guidebook to the Chamonix area of France (and a bit of Italy). The book will contain... Read more

Feb 2016

thumbThe latest version of the Rockfax App brings even more great areas to your iPhone, including Kalymnos, North wales Winter and... Read more

Feb 2016

thumbPembroke is a world-class climbing area, renowned for its atmospheric sea cliffs and dramatic rock architecture. With an... Read more

Feb 2016

thumbThe next generation of Cornish guidebooks from The Climbers' Club is off to a terrific start with publication of the definitive... Read more

Jan 2016

thumbThe new Spain : Mallorca Rockfax will soon be published and is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer price of 24.95... Read more

Guidebooks Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

25 Jan 2017

thumbRob Greenwood reviews this new guidebook to "one of the most underrated rock climbing areas in the UK". Has he hyped it, or hit... Read more

Jan 2017

thumbChasing the Ephemeral by Scottish winter new route guru Simon Richardson is a guidebook with a difference. We think it's an... Read more

Dec 2016

thumbThe latest Rockfax guide to South Wales Sport Climbs has just been published and we have managed to get two reviews which... Read more

Dec 2016

thumbThe Chamonix Rockfax was published in early October. We sent a copy to Simon Verspeak to get his opinion on the book, and he has... Read more

Dec 2016

thumbDespite climbing extensively across the UK, Lancashire was never somewhere Rob Greenwood felt drawn to (sorry Lancastrians). In... Read more

Nov 2016

thumbIf a climbing trip to far-flung Shetland seems daunting, this brand new guidebook packed with marvels should be reason enough to... Read more

Oct 2016

thumbFrom Brexit to the BMC re-brand, ours is an age of controversy. But most controversial of all is the new edition of the... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbBen Masterson reviews a new guidebook to the wealth of quality crags in Asturias, a Spanish sport destination that you can... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbWhile Chamonix has traditionally been a base for mountaineering it now has world renowned trail running races too, including the... Read more

May 2016

thumbThe multi pitch trad paradise of Lofoten may not instantly spring to mind as a bouldering destination, but this beautifully... Read more

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