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Mar 2016

thumbWith ShAFF only a few days away, here's UKC's 'greatest hits' of what's on offer throughout the weekend. Read more

Mar 2015

thumbSheffield Adventure Film Festival organisers have announced the #ShAFF2015 film awards ahead of this weekend's festival (March... Read more

Mar 2015

thumbSheffield Adventure Film Festival is celebrating its 10th birthday (March 20-22).  The weekend long festival – presented by... Read more

Aug 2014

thumbLeading film maker Alastair Lee presents the Brit Rock film tour, which has its world premier at Rheged on 2nd October Read more

Apr 2014

thumbThe ShAFF Adventure Festival was moved from its customary February timing to April this year to fit in with the Tour de France... Read more

Mar 2014

thumbFeaturing Jamie Andrew, Andy Kirkpatrick, James McHaffie, Al Lee, James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Pete Whittaker, Tom... Read more

Feb 2013

thumbThere are more climbing films than ever at this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival with 18 films spread over four Climb... Read more

Mar 2012

thumbOne event worth looking out for at ShAFF this weekend is the charity auction organised by Dave Mycroft. Proceeds are in aid of... Read more

Mar 2009

thumbAt 7pm yesterday evening (28th of Feb) the winners of the 2009 ShAFF film awards were announced as follows. Judges were Niall... Read more

Feb 2009

thumbThe 2009 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) at the Showroom in Sheffield was officially announced last week. Three times... Read more

Feb 2009

thumbShAFF Youth Development Programme to show films to 1,500 school students over the next 3 weeks. Read more

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