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17 Apr 2017

thumbAnother step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits of smooth wire... Read more

10 Apr 2017

thumbA lightweight and comfortable harness designed for rock climbing at every level. The versatile design of the Energy makes it a... Read more

Mar 2017

thumbThe Alpine Flash builds on the amazing Flash harness with a purpose-built design for technical alpinism and ice climbing at the... Read more

Aug 2016

thumbMr Fancati Domenico, (1913-2013), founded Fizan in 1947. A man of vision, he was the first to produce ski poles in aluminium when... Read more

Aug 2016

thumbThese ultralight, foldable trekking poles, weighing only 450g per pair for the Sonic Alu and 377g per pair for the Sky Carbon,... Read more

Aug 2016

thumbThe UKC/UKH team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Below are some video interviews... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbThe UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Here are some video interviews with... Read more

Apr 2016

thumbThe new hyperlight Flash features innovative load webbing with structural longitudinal threads that allow for a wider cross... Read more

Nov 2015

thumbEarlier this year, Allcord joined forces with Boreal on their UK Youth Climbing Team to offer a unique package for the junior... Read more

Oct 2015

thumbThe CAMP team of athletes grows with a new top-notch figure. Tom Ballard, the outstanding protagonist of the “Starlight and... Read more

Oct 2015

thumbAllcord are pleased to announce that they will be joining forces with Boreal UK to sponsor their youth climbing... Read more

Jul 2015

thumb  CAMP have announced a precautionary product recall on the Blade Runner crampons as supplied during the recent winter... Read more

Aug 2013

thumbTendon has recently secured two international accolades, highlighting the barnds status as a manufacturer of high performance... Read more

May 2013

thumbThe iconic American climber Dave Graham was presented as a new Member of the Trangoworld Boulder Team at King Kong Climbing in... Read more

Apr 2013

thumbAs a special offer for readers of and you can get the SOTO Muka Stove from Mountain Leisure for... Read more

Apr 2012

thumbDue to strong growth and relocation to Livingston, Allcord is seeking to recruit a Sales and Office Administrator to help... Read more

Apr 2012

thumbThis month there are a number of positions available for climbers varying from short-term contracts on climbing walls and the O2... Read more

Mar 2012

thumb“We are delighted to have Simon join our team,” says Allcord MD Kieron MacKenzie. "Simon will work closely across all our... Read more

Jan 2011

thumbIn November we announced the winners of the Allcord Logo Photo Competition. There were 88 entries. Here are the winners... Read more

Nov 2010

thumbLightweight half ropes with great versatility and very high durability. All technical specifications are designed to increase... Read more