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Nov 2012

thumbThe Echo Pocket Scopes produced by outdoor gear specialist Brunton are handy, small and lightweight spotting scopes ideal for...

Oct 2010

thumbHi All, Stephanie here again from Spring PR.We have 400 packs of Kudrati Naturally to giveaway in exchange for a bit of feedback.

May 2009

thumbLightweight and affordable tasty freeze-dried meals. Breakfast, dinner and dessert - soup for starters if you like. Travel Lunch...

Rosker Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Aug 2009

thumb"Unfortunately there were no dramas to write about, so they must have done there job pretty well..." Antwan's kitchen was...

Aug 2009

thumbMy lasting memory of dehydrated expedition food is a Raven Chili-con-Carne, eaten somewhere near the Cheviot in 1992. Anyone else...

Jul 2009

thumbIn this first user review of Travellunch, the freeze-dried meals distributed by Rosker, Alicia samples the...

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