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Sterling Rope News

Announcements direct from Sterling Rope

Dec 2016

thumb This rope has it all and is our most popular of the Evolution series. Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't... Read more

Sep 2014

thumb The harness and rope report is the second in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of... Read more

Aug 2014

thumb The hardware report is the first in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of climbing... Read more

Jun 2012

thumb Pete Whittaker gives his feedback on the Marathon Pro, which Sterling rope describe as 'the best all around rope for durability... Read more

Feb 2012

thumb The final ISPO Munich 2012 report: some interesting new climbing and walking equipment to look out for this season, plus sneak... Read more

Aug 2011

thumb At OutDoor 2011 most rope manufacturers were continuing the trend of thinner ropes with better handling. There were also some... Read more

Jul 2011

thumb Daila will be part of the International Sterling Rope team that includes Chris Sharma, Nicolas Favresse, Enzo Oddo, Kevin... Read more

Mar 2011

thumb Dave Birkett, one of the UK's top climbers, has joined the Sterling Rope team that includes Chris Sharma, Kevin Jorgeson, Enzo... Read more

Feb 2011

thumb "Climbers need rock + climbers need gear = climbing gear needs you + climbing shops need you." Sheffield's Si Berry of Beta... Read more

Feb 2011

thumb The New Chris Sharma Signature Velocity Rope from Sterling is now available in the UK in three different sizes 60m, 70m and 80m... Read more

Sterling Rope Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Jun 2017

thumb Most climbers own a rope bag, but few take much trouble in choosing one. Considering how much use you'll get out of it, however,... Read more

Dec 2016

thumb We compare eight of the best all-round sport climbing ropes, the sort of reliable workhorse that many will use as their sole rope... Read more

Dec 2012

thumb The UKC team take a look at 6 lightweight ropes for sport climbing and trad climbing varying in diameter from 8.9mm to 9.4mm. Read more

Jun 2011

thumb Ever wondered how climbing ropes are made? Earlier this year Mick Ryan paid a visit to Sterling Rope in Biddeford, Maine to find... Read more

Jan 2011

thumb Mark Glaister puts three very different ropes produced for the various callings of the present day rock climber through their... Read more