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Announcements direct from MSR

Jul 2016

thumbThe UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Below are some video interviews with... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbThe all-new WindBurner 1.8L Personal Stove System built for 2-3 travelers is the latest addition to the award-winning WindBurner... Read more

May 2016

thumbThe most livable performance backpacking tent in its class, the all new Elixir 4 tent is an ideal family sized option for... Read more

Apr 2016

thumbBuilt for international travelers, outdoor recreationalists, and emergency preparedness, the military-grade microbiological... Read more

Nov 2014

thumbBackpackers want an extremely liveable and lightweight tent at good price. MSR answers the call with the Elixir 2 tent and the... Read more

Aug 2014

thumbMSR (Mountain Safety Research®), the Seattle-based manufacturer of high-performance outdoor equipment, has gripped the snowshoe... Read more

Jul 2014

thumbThe single-wall tent design efficiently utilizes two standard trekking poles to shave weight. Read more

Jul 2014

thumbWindproof and highly efficient personal stove system wins 2014 OutDoor Industry Award Read more

Jul 2014

thumbThree new MSR snow shovels offer unparalleled strength and efficiency. MSR (Mountain Safety Research®), the Seattle-based... Read more

Jun 2014

thumbHow does the one-pot, trail-worthy MSR Trail Lite Duo System for two add versatility without extra weight? How is it different... Read more

MSR Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Sep 2016

thumbThe Elixir 4 backpacking tent is light for its size, and easy to pitch. But is it roomy enough for the advertised four adults,... Read more

Jun 2016

thumbMade for the US military, MSR has now put their most advanced water purifier on the civilian market. But when not being used by... Read more

Apr 2015

thumbThe MSR WindBoiler is a small, lightweight cooking system. UKC have had it for several months and tested it in the Alps in... Read more

Apr 2015

thumbWalking poles are great opinion dividers. There are those who think they are cumbersome wastes of time, and those who swear by... Read more

Aug 2014

thumbSince its launch ten years ago the Hubba Hubba has proved a popular three-season staple for MSR. For 2014 this classic two... Read more

Jul 2014

thumbWhen I first saw a JetBoil back in 2004 I remember being highly cynical, too specialised and very limited in terms in its uses.... Read more

Aug 2013

thumbCharlie Boscoe tests out the MSR Reactor Stove. "One immediately obvious element of the stove is just how simple it is. There... Read more

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