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Edelweiss News

Announcements direct from Edelweiss

Nov 2017

thumb The Performance 9.2 is an ultra-lightweight rope designed for those who want to take their climbing to the next level. Read more

Mar 2017

thumb MBC is looking for an exceptional individual to support its dynamic customer service team in Newcastle. Read more

Feb 2017

thumb Edelweiss Unicore is a revolutionary rope construction process which can be of benefit to every climber. The Unicore process... Read more

Aug 2016

thumb The UKC/UKH team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. Below are some video interviews... Read more

Edelweiss Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Dec 2016

thumb We compare eight of the best all-round sport climbing ropes, the sort of reliable workhorse that many will use as their sole rope... Read more

Aug 2016

thumb Since most climbers do a bit of everything, there's a lot to be said for a harness that does too. Over spring and summer 2016 the... Read more

Oct 2015

thumb Gone are the days of heavy helmets - and gone are the days of any excuse not to wear one! In this review we test some some of... Read more

Jul 2015

thumb The Performance 9.2mm from Edelweiss is a triple rated rope, meaning it can be used as a single, a twin, or a half rope. It... Read more

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