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Beal News

Announcements direct from Beal

Sep 2014

thumbThe harness and rope report is the second in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of... Read more

Aug 2014

thumbThe hardware report is the first in a series of write-ups from 2014's OutDoor Show, where we look at what the future of climbing... Read more

Aug 2013

thumbWeighing in at a mere 36 g/m, the Gully 7.3 is the lightest double rope on the market. It is also certified as a twin rope. Its... Read more

May 2013

thumbFor 2013, Beal has added more ropes to its UNICORE line. From a diameter of 8.6mm and up to 10.5mm, there is now a UNICORE rope... Read more

Mar 2013

thumbSteve McClure, Lyon's Team Manager, talks to Shauna about her future climbing plans and her new sponsorship deal. Read more

Aug 2011

thumbAt OutDoor 2011 most rope manufacturers were continuing the trend of thinner ropes with better handling. There were also some... Read more

Jul 2011

thumbFor every rope purchased, Beal will plant a tree. Read more

Feb 2011

thumbFrom February 6th to 9th 2011, ispo opened its doors for the 71st time. Alan James and Sarah Stirling nipped over to Munich to... Read more

Nov 2010

thumbThe new BEAL video presents its expertise in the manufacture of climbing and security ropes. From rock climbing to work at... Read more

Jul 2010

thumbMick Ryan reports on the latest news and innovations in climbing ropes. Last week, we reported on the OutDoor Show and announced... Read more

Beal Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Dec 2016

thumbWe compare eight of the best all-round sport climbing ropes, the sort of reliable workhorse that many will use as their sole rope... Read more

Jul 2016

thumbThe Booster is part of Beal's Intensive line - a series aimed at high performance climbers, while offering added durability. Alan... Read more

Dec 2012

thumbThe UKC team take a look at 6 lightweight ropes for sport climbing and trad climbing varying in diameter from 8.9mm to 9.4mm. Read more

Oct 2011

thumbAlan James, Mick Ryan and Chris Craggs review an essential part of the modern climber's gear: rope bags. "The rope bag has... Read more

Sep 2011

thumbToby Archer tests out the versatile world of triple rated ropes, and reviews three alternatives from three of the biggest rope... Read more

Aug 2011

thumb"What you take and what you leave behind can make all the difference when scrambling," says Paul Lewis. "A small rucksack, a well... Read more

Oct 2010

thumbTwo ropes, says Jack Geldard. One route. One day. Four arms. Eleven falls. One power scream. Two cold bacon sandwiches. One ... Read more

Apr 2010

thumbIf you are doing a lot of multipitch sport routes or even canyoning, then these could be a good bet for quick and simple... Read more