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Announcements direct from the manufacturers

Oct 2015

thumb The challenge of climbing the world's highest mountains appeals to thousands of adventurers across the globe, but high altitude... Read more

Feb 2015

thumb Their world-class beans are lovingly hand-roasted in London with each bag ground to suit your brew method at the very last minute... Read more

Oct 2012

thumb Specialist food products for climbers, mountaineers and trekkers. From just £1.49, Mountain Trails' flavoured porridges offer... Read more

Aug 2011

thumb With Grower's Cup brewing a cup of fresh, Fair Trade, organic coffee on the hill is easy peasy. Grower's Cup is a durable... Read more

Aug 2009

thumb We have the ever lovely Clif Energy Bars and Shots available with Free Delivery. Try them for the first time, or simply stock up... Read more

May 2009

thumb Lightweight and affordable tasty freeze-dried meals. Breakfast, dinner and dessert - soup for starters if you like. Travel Lunch... Read more

Food Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Aug 2009

thumb "Unfortunately there were no dramas to write about, so they must have done there job pretty well..." Antwan's kitchen was... Read more

Aug 2009

thumb My lasting memory of dehydrated expedition food is a Raven Chili-con-Carne, eaten somewhere near the Cheviot in 1992. Anyone else... Read more

Jul 2009

thumb In this first user review of Travellunch, the freeze-dried meals distributed by Rosker, Alicia samples the... Read more

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