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Dec 2015

thumb Citadel, 4k & HD download & dvd out now.   New from Posing Productions released on 1st Dec 2015. Get the spectacular... Read more

Feb 2015

thumb If you've been keeping an eye on the latest developments in adventure film over the last six months, you'll have been hard pushed... Read more

Dec 2014

thumb The all new Birt Rock Film Tour 4014 is out now on DVD and HD download. Read more

Nov 2014

thumb   Watch the best grit climbing ever captured on film at SteepEdge! Read more

Dec 2013

thumb We are giving 20% of all films until midnight on January 1st with discount code NY14. Watch some classic mountaineering epics,... Read more

Dec 2013

thumb Here at SteepEdge we like to watch quality, creative adventure movies. It just so happens that filmmakers often give away such... Read more

Dec 2013

thumb The Epic of Everest - the official record of Mallory and Irvine's 1924 expedition - is released on DVD/Blu-ray on 20 January... Read more

Dec 2013

thumb Out now on HD download and dvd; The Last Great Climb WINNER of Best Climbing Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival Read more

Oct 2013

thumb What does it take to have an adventure? Jon Barton picks his favourite films that explore the soul of famous adventurers.     Read more

Oct 2013

thumb Watch brand new bouldering films on SteepEdge, and catch up recent favourites or older classics to get you fully in the mood... Read more

Film and DVDs Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Mar 2014

thumb John Coefield reviews the latest movie from Hotaches: Wide Boyz II. "Wide Boyz II – Slender Gentlemen is the story of Pete... Read more

Dec 2013

thumb With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are now being asked what we want and wracking our brains to try and think of a good... Read more

Feb 2013

thumb Film-maker Alastair Lee, Leo Houlding and fellow climbers Sean Leary and Jason Pickles head deep into the Amazon in an attempt to... Read more

Dec 2012

thumb UKC Assistant News Editor Bjorn Pohl takes a look at the new Wide Boyz DVD from Hot Aches Productions which covers the antics of... Read more

Nov 2012

thumb The latest film from Hot Aches is a celebration of trad climbing. The 1 hour 5 minutes film races by as climbers James Pearson,... Read more

Apr 2012

thumb UKC News Editor Bjorn Pohl reviews the recent bouldering flick Life on Hold. "The footage manages to convey the typical... Read more

Nov 2011

thumb A review of the stunning new film from Hot Aches, The Long Hope. "The Long Hope is a superb production, which has a real... Read more

Mar 2011

thumb The DVD Set 'First Ascent' is described as a ground breaking 6 part series. The style screams American TV: bite-sized visitations... Read more

Jan 2011

thumb This new video from Hot Aches is an excellent, traditional (in the very best sense of the word) documentary celebrating one of... Read more

Dec 2010

thumb The latest film from Alastair Lee is now out. Psyche II features a real a mixture of climbing but the main meat is undoubtedly... Read more

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