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Touchdown Pad - opened out..., 85 kb
Touchdown Pad

Touchdown Pad - £120

A super burly mid size pad, the Touchdown sets the bar high in terms of performance, features and longevity.

Well thought out, the Touchdown is fully aimed towards creating a top spec pad that keeps working fall after fall, day after day. For example, our foams are placed in a 20/60/10 mix to achieve two aims: easily absorbing impacts from above while protecting against ankle twisting rock intrusion from below and stemming damage to the open cell centre foam.

Add to this a beefy DWR treated Cordura upper, solid metal buckles and no plastic and it's easy to see this is designed to be one mean mother. Velcro joining strips and a removable harness complete the picture. And as a bonus it also has a detachable 'foot-pad', great for providing a separate starting point for problems enabling the pad to be left in the impact zone.

Wild Country Touchdown Pad, 75 kb

Stylishly finished with our bold new screens the Touchdown is a fully featured future classic.

Size – 100cm x 90cm x 9cm Weight 4.5kg

Wild Country Touchdown Pad review - the first review for these new pads is online now, by Greg Chapman.

Big Air Pad - opened out...., 96 kb
Big Air Pad

Big Air Pad - £150

The name says it all....our biggest pad for the biggest impacts! The Big Air is the pad where our top quality foams combine with bombproof materials and superior construction to make a 'Taco' style folding pad.

The advantage of folding means no centre seam to worry about in flight and with the Big Air it means great ground coverage too. The foam is in a 20/70 mix allowing the Big Air to fold well and still give a firm and re-assuring feel on impact.

Cleverly designed, it also works 'inside out' meaning that the muddy side of the pad isn't on the back while walking out and additionally the DWR treated materials resist water longer keeping the pad (and feet) drier longer. As a bonus it also has a detachable 'foot-pad', great for providing a separate starting point for problems enabling the pad to be left in the impact zone.

Big Air Pad - open and closed for comparison..., 37 kb

A solid and stylish big pad this will provide a great landing for your highball action.

Size – 100cm x 130cm x 9cm Weight 5.5kg

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