VIDEO: Dragon Cam versus Weight of Medium Sized Car

There is nothing like seeing theory in practice to fully appreciate the facts and figures behind how well a product works. DMM's Technical Director, Fred Hall, had the idea of cutting a parallel sided slot out of a 1.38 tonne boulder, placing a Dragon Cam 5 in the slots and then lifting the boulder via the Dragon Cam.

At rest the weight of the boulder is equivalent to a static force of 13.8 kN, but as soon as the weight starts to be lifted the force exerted on the cam increases above that figure.

All Dragon Cams are certified to a 3 sigma 14 kN, but in testing to failure they far exceed that figure.

DMM Dragon Cam, 64 kb DMM Dragon Cam in cut boulder, 57 kb
Watch the outcome of Dragon Cam versus the weight of a medium sized car here.

It is worth noting that the cam still works perfectly after having been used to lift the block.

The Dragons are in the DMM warehouse and about to be shipped. They should be with UK retailers early next week and with export customers the week after that.

Watch the video:

Dragon Cam versus Weight of Medium Sized Car

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