DEAL OF THE MONTH: Beal 9.1mm Joker 60/70m

Beal Joker
© Beal
Joker is the ultimate rope, the latest creation of the BEAL Lab, born with the help of the BEAL Team climbers. It conforms to all 3 dynamic rope norms.

The JOKER is in effect at the same time a single rope, a half rope and a twin rope. This rope will be loved by the most extreme climbers, seeking lightness and easy running, as much as by more traditional climbers seeking a multi-purpose rope for ridge routes or classic face routes, mixed ice and snow, or snow alone.

* Impact Force: 8.2kn.
* Diameter: 9.1mm.
** Number of falls: 5.
** Dynamic Elongation: 37%.
** Sheath slippage: 0mm.
** Weight per metre: 53g.
** Elongation at 80kg: 8%.

NB The rope colour may vary from the illustration


For more information visit Inglesport
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