Boreal Kintaro Rock Shoe With Zenith Rubber

The Kintaro is a precise and sensitive shoe with an aggressive asymmetric and downturned shape designed to excel on steep and overhanging terrain.

Kintaro, 92 kb
© Boreal
Kintaro, 52 kb
© Boreal
Kintaro Women´s, 60 kb
Kintaro Women´s
© Boreal
Kintaro Women´s, 69 kb
Kintaro Women´s
© Boreal

  • RRP: £109.95
  • SIZES: 3 - 12.5 UK in half-sizes.
  • WEIGHT: 488g / pair Size 6 UK.
  • UPPERS: High quality Split leather with reinforced double velcro closure. Integrated padded mesh tongue for comfort. Optimum fit from new 2-way tension 'V2 Rand'.
  • LINING: No.
  • MIDSOLE:Special anti-deformation midsole with anatomic cutaway.
  • SOLE: Ultra sticky Boreal ZENITH outsole. 5 - 5.5 mm thickness depending on size.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Slip-lasted.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: The highest performance levels with superb sensitivity and an aggressive downturned profile. The double velcro closure with extra-wide upper strap is both easy to use and very secure around the foot. Superb heel fit from the new 'V2 Rand' system.
  • USAGE:This precise and sensitive shoe is ideal for bouldering and steep / overhanging climbs. Easy to use closure and a glove-like fit.

Julia Winter climbing Diabolo (Xb. 7c+) Elbsandstein, Germany
© Boreal

Dani Andrada on La reina mora (8c+/9a) Siurana, Spain, 194 kb
Dani Andrada on La reina mora (8c+/9a) Siurana, Spain
© Boreal

In the video below, Yuji Hirayama demonstrates the amazing new Boreal rubber to UKC at Friedrichshafen 2011.

For more information visit Boreal
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