WITH VIDEO: Evolv Geshido and Geshido SC Shoes

New for 2012 are the Evolv Geshido rock shoes. Available in either lace-up or strap closure system, the Geshido is the latest high performance addition to the Sharma Signature Series.

Evolv Geshido SC, 105 kb
Evolv Geshido SC
© Evolv

The shoes feature a down-cambered last shape with low volume toe profile. This provides excellent edging ability and allows toes to jam into thin cracks.

The 'love bump' midsole reduces dead space under the toes while the 3-strap multi-direction webbing closure pulls the midsole of the shoe onto the foot. This creates a secure, comfortable fit all around the foot.

The Geshido Lace and SC are available now from our Performance Specialist retailers. For more details visit

Evolv Geshido Lace, 121 kb
Evolv Geshido Lace
© Evolv

Video: The Evolv Adventure

Evolv athletes Matt Segal, Lisa Rands and Chris Sharma discussing the Geshido and their involvement in the design process with Evolv:

Evolv Geshido and Geshido SC Shoes Now Available! #3, 72 kb

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For more information visit Beyond Hope
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