3D Lap Coil from EDELRID

Edelrid 3D Lap Coil, 135 kb

Uncoiling a new rope to properly eliminate any twists and kinks is something that no climber really enjoys. With that in mind EDELRID have developed a new piece of machinery that coils the rope in such a way that kinks do not develop. This means that when you buy your new rope, all you have to do is pull it through the slot on the front on the packaging, in line with the instructions provided, and it's ready to climb with straight away.

To illustrate how this works the brand has produced this short video, which also gives a sneak peek inside the EDELRID factory to show the 3D Lap Coil machine in action. Check it out:

This new technique is being rolled out across the complete range of EDELRID ropes as we speak, as a result you'll begin to notice the change in packaging at your local climbing shop from this autumn onwards.

For more information visit EDELRID
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