Millet Absolute 9 Triaxiale 60m

Millet Absolute 9 Triaxiale 60m, 76 kbThe new-generation ABSOLUTE TRX features MILLET TRIAXIALE® technology and raises safety, longevity and absolute efficiency a notch higher.

Triple-rated rope (SINGLE / HALF /TWIN) built around a TRIAXIALE® heart with three separate braided cores, offering the performance of a slim, tough, lightweight rope for expert mountaineers (HYDROPHOBIC® version) and for high-calibre climbers (ANTI FRICTION™ treated).

With this small diameter, it is advisable to wear gloves when belaying.



Weight per meter: 56 grams

Impact force: 830 daN

Number of falls: 5

Extension: 36%

Strands: 40


Weight per meter: 56 grams

Impact force: 620 daN

Number of falls: 20

Extension: 31%

Strands: 40


Weight per meter: 56 grams

Impact force: 940 daN

Number of falls: 40

Extension: 28%

Strands: 40

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