OutDoor 2015 - What's New? Footwear Report

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest that is OutDoor Friedrichshafen. The new range of rock shoes and alpine/mountaineering boots set to hit the shops in 2016 looks very promising - and colourful. The future's bright, the future's downturned...

Below are some video interviews with brand representatives, who talked us through the key features of their latest footwear creations.

  • OutDoor 2015 Scarpa Vapour Lace
  • OutDoor 2015 Scarpa Phantom Range
  • OutDoor 2015 Scarpa Drago
  • OutDoor 2015 Salewa Ultra Train
  • OutDoor 2015 Ocun Oxi
  • OutDoor 2015 La Sportiva TX2
  • OutDoor 2015 La Sportiva Skwama and Otaki
  • OutDoor 2015 Five Ten Verdon
  • OutDoor 2015 Five Ten Stone Master
  • OutDoor 2015 Five Ten Quantum
  • OutDoor 2015 Evolv Spark
  • OutDoor 2015 Five Ten Shaman
  • OutDoor 2015 EB Django Shoe
  • OutDoor 2015 Boreal Silex Velcro
  • OutDoor 2015 Boreal Mutant
  • OutDoor 2015 Andrea Boldrini Apache 5
  • OutDoor 2015 Aku Serai GTX

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