Metolius Greatest Chips Holds Sets (30 and 40 Packs)

Metolius offer bolt-on climbing holds, which attach to your climbing wall with a 3/8 inch bolt that screws into a T-nut and is the most common method for mounting climbing holds. They also offer screw-on holds. These holds are designed for plywood walls and attach using several wood screws. There are many options for ordering different quanities of holds by specific set or a mix so you can get exactly what you need.

Get started: An assortment of 40 screw-on holds, screws included, costs £40. An assortment of 30 bolt-on holds, hardware not included, costs £40.

Greatest Chips Bolt-On, 103 kb
Greatest Chips Bolt-On
© Metolius
Greatest Chips Screw-On, 91 kb
Greatest Chips Screw-On
© Metolius

For more information visit Metolius
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