Next edition of Mastermind printed!

»The brain is the most important muscle for climbing.« (W. Güllich)

Mastermind Ondra, 229 kb

Utilising the power of your mind will make the most of your existing strength, techniques and ability to perform under pressure not just in climbing, but in all sport.

Jerry Moffatt, who inspired generations of climbers, invites you to explore and maximise your mental potential.

Mastermind also contains a collection of inspiring stories from the current elite of the sport. Legendary figures such as Alex Megos, Adam Ondra, Margo Hayes and Chris Sharma reveal their innermost thoughts that help them perform at their best.

Mastermind Moffatt, 235 kb

Mastermind is not only a great book to read, but also a practical workbook that will help you to coach yourself.

Gimme Kraft!

Mastermind is also available from Amazon and you can get a 5% discount using the code "ukclimb5".

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