Arva's Snow Safety Gear, Essential Kit from the Equipment Specialists

Arva NEO Avalanche Beacon, 21 kb
The award-winning NEO Avalanche Beacon (£225) has a bandwidth of 60 metres, 10m more than existing models thanks to ISOTECH technology.  The NEO is also the first beacon to have performance equal on both antennas so is confidently and consistently able to reach a 60m search bandwidth.  This impressive bandwidth combined with its improved performance, reliability and speed make the NEO the most powerful device on the market.

Arva’s Snow Plume shovel (£42) is suitable for all skiers and freeriders who want a minimal weight (380g) and efficient shovel.  Key features include carbon handle and 1.5mm thick aluminium scoop.

The new Carbon 2.4 Light Probes (£55) complete the Arva ensemble.  These super-light, six-piece probes, weighing 115g, are constructed from a combination of carbon and aluminium for outstanding weight/performance ratio.

So, when hitting the slopes – pack well and be prepared with Arva’s snow safety kit.

Arva’s Snow Plume shovel , 9 kb Carbon 2.4 Light Probes , 19 kb


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