Climbers' Club Guides to West Cornwall Volume 2: Chair Ladder & The Lizard Product News

West Cornwall Volume 2, 162 kb
Extensively researched by local activists with many years of rock-climbing experience on the coast of West Cornwall, this thoroughly revised Climbers' Club definitive guidebook includes:

- 2,000 routes at all grades
- detailed maps and access information
- enhanced photodiagram coverage
- family friendly climbing areas
- hundreds of brilliant new climbs on The Lizard
- exciting new crags such as Down Under Zawn

West Cornwall - The Lizard, 140 kb

West Cornwall - Chair Ladder and the South Coast, 182 kb

This is the long-awaited companion to West Cornwall – Bosigran and the North Coast, published in late 2015 (and reviewed on UKClimbing here). Its 2001 predecessor included a section describing the then under-developed Lizard cliffs, but these have meanwhile received extensive attention and are now allotted their own independently written guide, albeit bound in this single volume together with the traditional south coast crags.

The Land's End peninsula is the final rocky claw of Cornwall that lies to the west of a line between St Ives on the north coast and Penzance on the south. West Cornwall's sea cliffs are the survivors of the grinding influence of the sea on masses of igneous and metamorphic rocks that are as ancient as Time. There are approximately 1500 climbs on the cliffs of the south coast of the peninsula, mostly of granite, covering the entire range of grades, from Moderate to E10. Climbing apart, West Cornwall is a particularly beautiful and intriguing area that is well suited to family friendly holidays, with splendid beaches, restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venues.

Tregiffian Title Page, 185 kb

Pordenack Title Page, 206 kb

St. Loy Title Page, 138 kb

Lighthouse Cliffs Title Page, 192 kb

The Lizard peninsula lies at the most southerly point of Cornwall and of Britain. Its darker, less shapely cliffs cannot quite match the golden granite towers of the Land's End peninsula, but there are now over 600 recorded routes covering a broad range of grades from moderate to E7, offering a wide choice of quality climbs on a variety of cliffs. Locations are spectacular, at times wild, remote, and peaceful, yet within easy reach, while there are many non-climbing venues and facilities for families and non-climbers to enjoy.

Bass Point Panorama, 125 kb

Coastguard Cliff Panorama, 151 kb

Porthguarnon Example Page, 146 kb

Diamond Wall Example Page, 155 kb

West Cornwall Volume 2 Area Map, 116 kb

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