Mountain Adventures in Chamonix

The world-renowned valley and surrounding mountains of Chamonix have long been regarded as a dream destination for alpine adventures. For a whole range of activities all set in an exciting mountain playground, lovers of the outdoors need look no further.

Mountain Adventures in Chamonix, 67 kb

Mountain Adventures in Chamonix

In 74 routes across six separate activities, Chamonix Mountain Adventures from Cicerone is a comprehensive collection of everything the area has to offer, all packed in to one handy pocket-sized guidebook.

Walking, mountaineering, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, via ferratas, climbing, bouldering

Author: Hilary Sharp
Published: 17 May 2012
Edition: First
ISBN: 9781852846633
Price: £14.95

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So what's inside?

Walkers are treated to a variety of routes, ranging from family walks to more challenging hut walks and adventurous hikes, both on and off glaciers.

For climbers, the book gives easily accessed climbs suitable for beginners, and a selection of via ferrata and alpine mountaineering routes to suit those with a little more experience; all set against one of the most inspiring and idyllic mountain backdrops in the world.

In and around the valley, there are a series of wonderful on and off-road routes for cyclists. Road cycling in the Alps is a dream for many, and the scenery on offer and Chamonix's superb infrastructure means it's well worth experiencing the surroundings on a road bike. As well as the smoother surfaces, mountain biking has been heavily developed and promoted over the past few years in the valley, and there now many dedicated routes for all abilities. Regular valley routes are included, as well as the very latest in dedicated descents making use of Chamonix's excellent cable car system.

In these mountains families, groups of friends or experienced mountaineers looking for a rest day, or a change to what they're used to, will all find something to suit their needs and bring smiles to tired but happy faces, day after day.

With this handy guidebook, you can enjoy the beautiful valleys and summits in many different ways, and plan a multi-activity holiday in Chamonix with ease.

This is the second title in Cicerone's Mountain Adventure series, following on from Mountain Adventures in the Maurienne.

Mont Blanc as backdrop while walking near the Refuge Bel Lachat, 150 kb
Mont Blanc as backdrop while walking near the Refuge Bel Lachat
© Cicerone & Hilary Sharp

At the top of the Cosmiques Arete (Alpine Mountaineering, Route 3), 129 kb
At the top of the Cosmiques Arete (Alpine Mountaineering, Route 3)
© Cicerone & Hilary Sharp
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