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Reviewed by Jack Geldard - Consulting Editor
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Jack Geldard on The Big Smile (7C+) in the Llanberis Pass, testing the Grit Pants., 212 kbJack Geldard on The Big Smile (7C+) in the Llanberis Pass, testing the Grit Pants.
© James McHaffie

Jack on the classic 7A wall problem of Harry Spotter, Cresciano, 117 kbJack on the classic 7A wall problem of Harry Spotter, Cresciano
© Sarah Burmester
I've been climbing in my Grit Pants for almost a year now, from indoor competitions to the roughest granite of Switzerland - the Grit Pants have seen it all and they're still going strong. I must confess, despite the name, I don't think I have actually climbed on grit in them though. Now there's an excuse to get to the Peak District...

What are they?

The Grit Pants from Climblox are a tough pair of climbing specific trousers. They are 100% cotton. They have a climbing specific cut. They have been built to last, and are quite tough and thick. They are not waterproof or in any way 'technical'. They come in one colour - black and they have a white stitching. They have large pockets, articulated knees, a diamond crotch and a small black belt, similar to a chalk bag belt.

What have I used them for?

The trousers are quite a thick material and consequently I haven't used them in hot weather in the summer. Instead I have favoured the Grit Pants in cooler temps, ideal for bouldering or winter cragging. I have mainly been wearing them on outdoor bouldering sessions, where the tough fabric has been a good choice - protecting my knees on knee bars, and protecting my arse when I've been landing on it! They would also be a good choice for winter Euro sport climbing, with the highly durable fabric keeping those sharp tufas from cutting your legs open. For summer Euro sport you would probably opt for a lighter pair of trousers or even shorts (but take a knee pad).

They are not a technical trouser for ice climbing or hill walking. The cotton is not waterproof and they don't have any MEGA-TEX or UBER-TEX or anything-tex on them. They are simple cotton pants.

What's the build quality like?

The fabric, although quite stiff at first, softens up nicely with a bit of use and the trousers become very 'wearable'. They hold up extremely well against rough rock, the tightly woven cotton being very abrasion resistant. The seams are high quality, with no stitching coming open at all in my trousers despite heavy use. The trousers are made in the UK at a small factory and the high quality production is evident.

And the fit?

The trousers are quite a baggy fit. The cut is great for climbing, offering a full range of movement whilst still looking fairly trendy. These are not a pair of Ron Hills! The relaxed fit isn't so baggy that the legs get in the way of climbing though, these are well thought through trousers. My only slight gripe with them is that for me being extremely tall and thin, the sizing was tricky. They come in three standard sizes but I really need an 'extra long' version. Not a problem for averagely proportioned individuals!

Jack Geldard racing to 10th place in the SkyMasters competition at the NEC, 197 kbJack Geldard racing to 10th place in the SkyMasters competition at the NEC
© Jordan Buys

Jack Geldard flashing a ridiculously graded 7B+ in Cresciano. Or maybe the grit pants...
© Sarah Burmester

What Climblox Say:

"The Grit Pants are made from 100% cotton. They look and feel like a light canvas. Once softened up they move great over rock, whilst still giving lasting durability.

Ideal for wedging, jamming and thrutching your way round the boulders or crag. The cut is slightly more generous than most pants available on the market currently. If you are looking for a tight fitting continental sport pant these are not for you. Designed with the grit and bouldering season in mind they have a heavy weave but are surprisingly light weight.

Designed with articulated knees, diamond crotch, phone or brush pocket and an adjustable belt and buckle should cater for the minor adjustments of the individual.

Ready for crushing the blocs or cruising up the classics."

Grit Pants from Blox, 49 kbGrit Pants from Blox
Grit Pants from Blox, 49 kbGrit Pants from Blox
Grit Pants from Blox, 49 kbGrit Pants from Blox


The grit pants in action in Cresciano, 213 kbThe grit pants in action in Cresciano
© Sarah Burmester


A great choice for bouldering, grit cragging and general climbing. They look good, feel comfy and fit well. The build quality is high and the trousers last well.

Not for super hot weather or really tall skinny people.

Price: £55

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This review has been read 13,082 times