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Rock shoes News

Announcements direct from the manufacturers

7 Mar 2018

thumbWhen world cup bouldering champion Shauna Coxsey approached the 5.10 development team to update her Anasazis to give her a...

Feb 2018

thumb2018 has got off to a flying start for Scarpa, with three new additions to the range: the Furia S, the Instinct SR, and the Mago

Sep 2017

thumbRed Chili rock shoes are making a comeback in the UK this season. For over 20 years founders Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter...

May 2017

thumbTenaya is proud to present "the most sensitive down turned shoe we've ever made" the Mundaka. 

Apr 2017

thumbNewly updated for 2017, Diabolo (Men's) and Diabola (Women's) take your climbing to the next level without unnecessary...

Apr 2017

thumbGet your feet in a pair of Kataki at Kong. Front end Katana, back end Otaki, both ends mind bending together.

Mar 2017

thumbThere is perhaps no shoe better known and loved than the Joker. The name is synonymous with comfort and performance; talk to any...

Dec 2016

thumbThe all new Scarpa Chimera is the pinnacle of modern climbing shoe design and innovation. Designed by the legendary Heinz...

Aug 2016

thumbFor tough sport climbs and committed bouldering moves you need ultimate confidence in your shoe - this is where the design and...

Jun 2016

thumbTo climb the hardest routes and boulders, a shoe must excel in all areas; to find friction wherever it appears. Edges, smears,...

Rock shoes Reviews

Independent reviews from the UKC gear testers

Nov 2017

thumbFrom bouldering to sport and indoors, Ocun's Oxi QC is billed as the most versatile shoe in the Oxi family. Kevin Woods reviewed...

Nov 2017

thumbUpdated for 2017, the new version of Boreal's classic Diabolo is described as "a great compromise between comfort and...

Sep 2017

thumbBridging the gap between Five Ten's relaxed Rogue line and the more technical Anasazi, the Gambit offers both long route comfort...

Aug 2017

thumbFor long days on mountain rock, or laid-back low-grade cragging sessions, this comfy and supportive shoe is easy on the feet,...

Nov 2016

thumbThough these two climbing shoes are built on the same last, they could hardly be more different in use, says Rob Greenwood.

Sep 2016

thumbIn one of our longest-running ever tests, Rob Greenwood compares three different models from Scarpa's Instinct range: the...

Jun 2016

thumbFor those who are short of attention, I can summarise the following review in a single word: sensitivity. Were I to use a second...

May 2016

thumbMost climbers need a comfy rock shoe in their lives. When choosing an all-day all-rounder, pure performance comes second to...

Apr 2016

thumbBased on the successful Ozone, Ocun's latest rock shoe, the Oxi, is a high performance model aimed squarely at boulderers. How...

Mar 2016

thumbOne of Evolv's most popular and well known shoes, the original Shaman (designed by Chris Sharma) has been a regular feature at...

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