Blue Ice Warthog 38 Litre Rucksack

Cogne 2012, 122 kb
Cogne 2012
© Sebastien Laurent
New for Winter 2012, the Blue Ice Warthog 38 Litre is an exceptionally light and strong pack for long technical climbs.

Life is already too complicated...

Sometimes, simple is better. That's why the Blue Ice Warthog range of sacks are all about stripped back minimalism. Featuring a bomb-proof Cordura outer, helmet holder (which allows you to run a smaller and lighter sack than you might think), axe loops... and that's about it. Nothing to flap around, get caught up and tangled or break, these are the antidote to all those over-featured, over-the-top and overly heavy climbing sacks out there.

Our 26 litre sack has been a popular addition to the range in 2012, allowing enough room for full rack, belay jacket, food, water, first aid kit, helmet, crampons and axes in a tiny package. This makes the Warthog 26 the perfect minimalist bag for single day adventures.

New for this winter is the addition of the Warthog 38, for those times when a bit more gear is needed. Multi-day Alpine epics or minimalist trips into bigger mountains are all feasible with the increased capacity of the Warthog 38.

Volume: 38 litres
Weight: 890g

Blue Ice Warthog, 201 kb
Blue Ice Warthog
© Blue Ice
Warthog 38, 81 kb
Warthog 38
© Blue Ice
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